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While studying the art of visual communications, Shelly discovered her love for photography.  She has developed her journalistic style experimenting with black and white film photography during conversations and get-togethers with friends.  "I think I use the camera very well and take great looking photos."


Born and raised in Hawaii of Filipino decent, Shelly hasn't looked her age since junior high, a benefit from being Asian.  With boundless energy, she occupies her free time with physical activities and keeps slender and toned.  Currently, her discovery of sports yoga helps to perfect her skateboarding.  She considers herself a working girl, keeping her balance to avoid teetering into becoming a workaholic.


Meeting new people and exploring new places enriches her colorfully chaotic, adventurous lifestyle.  Like a combustible atom, Shelly is prone to accidents as she is usually preoccupied with random ideas, tripping over her lazy foot or bumping into annoying door handles. To no surprise, she has been to traffic school five times for frequently speeding down the highway.


Probably one of the very few Americans who doesn't like watching television nor own one, Shelly's attention span can be sporadic and short, working on five projects at a time.  Usually it takes one fabulous intelligent woman to grab her attention!

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